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FRC TankVision Pro 300 Water Level Gauge with Cab Miniature Display

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FRC Fire Research Corp.

The TankVision Pro is the fire industry's first multi-color tank level display. The TankVision Pro indicator shows the actual volume of liquid in a tank. The liquid in the tank exerts a pressure that is measured by a sensor. As the amount of liquid changes, the pressure it exerts on the sensor changes proportionally. The pressure change is used to calculate the exact volume of liquid in the tank. The TankVisionPro can be calibration to accurately display the volume of liquid in tanks of all shapes and sizes.


  • 1 electronic indicator module
  • 1 pressure sensor
  • 10' sensor cable
  • Cab Miniature Display (Item #WLA205-A00)


  • Various Programmable multi-color tank level displays available
  • More accurate tank level display
  • Fractional scale standard, also available with percentage scale
    • 9 LED level indicators with fractional scale
    • 10 LED level indicators with percentage scale
  • Programmable brightness control
  • Full 180° wide-view, easy to see display
  • The TankVision Pro is available for water, class A foam, and class B foam tanks. Each display has a distinctive color and style.

About Cab Miniature Display

The cab miniature display has dimensions of 2.75 inches high by 1.5 inches wide. It provides the option of mounting a remote display in the cab that uses a minimum of panel space. An output signal from the primary display module is input to the cab miniature display and the volume of liquid in the tank is shown on the 5-LED display.