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Bullard PBH99 Particulate Barrier Hood

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Bullard PBH99 Particulate Barrier Hood

PBH99 Particulate Barrier Hood

Available in sizes "Medium-Large" or "XL"

The Bullard PBH99 is your front-line protection against the hazards you don’t see, helping to block potentially carcinogenic particulates on the fire scene. Meets UL certification to NFPA 1971, 2018 edition.

COVER: Our unique seven panel design gives you a more comfortable and secure fit around the head, neck, and shoulders.

RESIST: PBH99 gives firefighters confidence that over 99% of the carcinogenic particulates found on the fire scene are being blocked, while allowing air to flow through the hood.

  • Interior Trilaminate Layer: PBH99 materials are Nomex®, Lenzing, and Stedair PREVENT® for on-scene protection
  • Exterior Layer: 20% Nomex, 80% Lenzing.

PROTECT: PBH99 offers firefighters a barricade to toxic carcinogenic smoke particles for protection around the head, neck, shoulders and transfers heat away from the firefighter’s face.

Bullard Cares Mission portfolio of cancer mitigation products includes the Decon Cloths, Cares Kit, and now the PBH99 Hood.


How to Measure For Your Size Hood?

PBH99 Measurements

Measure distance from temple to back of head to determine size.

Measurement corresponds to size chart below: