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Drip Torch Vallfirest 1 liter (with handle)

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Compact Drip Torch

Vallfirest 1 liter drip torch is designed to carry out fast maneuvers with technical fire during forest fire extinction.

The handle is the perfect accessory for ergonomics. It is ideal for the brigades transported by helicopter, as they can carry the torch in the lateral pockets of their fire packs due to its reduced size. It is also perfect for fire controlling and analyzing vehicles.
Vallfirest creates the most advanced tools to fight against forest fires.

This is an essential tool for carrying out indirect attack maneuvers: backfire, escape fire, self-protection fire, fire to create safety zones for parking the trucks.

Its deposit is approved for fuel transportation. It presents different safety systems, such as a non-return valve inside the stopper and a flow control valve.

The asymmetrical double-coiled stopper is the element that provides the compactness.

This is definitely a great tool from the point of view of its operating capacity, transportation and potential of performances, different from such systems as lighters or Bengal fires.