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IRPG (NEW) 2022 Incident Response Pocket Guide

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  • Added Mental Health Checklist.
  • Added a Fire Environment section that brought in new material from the Fire Behavior
    Subcommittee (FBS) and regrouped how this information is placed in the IRPG.
    • Added information to Look Up, Look Down, Look Around.
    • Added Fire Environment Assessment information.
    • Added Interpreting the Smoke Column information.
    • Added Critical Fire Weather Information.
    • Added Important Winds Information.
    • Condensed Beaufort Wind Estimation.
    • Added Probability of Ignition tables and removed the Relative Humidity tables.
    • Added new table combining Fuel Moisture & Fire Intensity.
    • Added new table combining Fire Behavior & Interpretations.
  • Added a Night Operations and Firing Checklist.
  • Updated information in the Smoke Hazards section.
  • Updated information in the Aerial Retardant section.
  • Added Dozer Typing information.
  • All information about MIST and Reporting Fire Chemical Intrusions was redone.
  • Updated information about Fire Information & Media Interviews with some additions.
  • Updated information about Burn Injuries.
  • Updated information about Injury/Fatality procedures