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IRPG (NEW) 2022 Incident Response Pocket Guide

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The NWCG Incident Response Pocket Guide (IRPG) establishes standards for wildland fire incident response. The guide provides critical information on operational engagement, risk management, fire environment, all hazard response, and aviation management. It is a collection of guidelines, checklists, and best practices that have evolved over time within wildland fire operations.

The intended target audience of the IRPG is field-going wildland fire and aviation personnel from the Incident Commander Type 3 (ICT3) and Division/Group Supervisor (DIVS) level and down. The size makes it easy to fit in a firefighter’s pocket, staying true to the purpose and intent.

The IRPG does not provide absolute solutions to the unlimited number of situations that will occur. Some fireline decisions may be relatively simple; many are not. These decisions often require individual judgment, creativity, and collaboration — skills developed through extensive training, dedicated practice, and experience, which the guide facilitates.

2022 Edition Changes -

  • Added Mental Health Checklist.
  • Added a Fire Environment section that brought in new material from the Fire Behavior
    Subcommittee (FBS) and regrouped how this information is placed in the IRPG.
    • Added information to Look Up, Look Down, Look Around.
    • Added Fire Environment Assessment information.
    • Added Interpreting the Smoke Column information.
    • Added Critical Fire Weather Information.
    • Added Important Winds Information.
    • Condensed Beaufort Wind Estimation.
    • Added Probability of Ignition tables and removed the Relative Humidity tables.
    • Added new table combining Fuel Moisture & Fire Intensity.
    • Added new table combining Fire Behavior & Interpretations.
  • Added a Night Operations and Firing Checklist.
  • Updated information in the Smoke Hazards section.
  • Updated information in the Aerial Retardant section.
  • Added Dozer Typing information.
  • All information about MIST and Reporting Fire Chemical Intrusions was redone.
  • Updated information about Fire Information & Media Interviews with some additions.
  • Updated information about Burn Injuries.
  • Updated information about Injury/Fatality procedures