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FRC Firefly Surface Mount LED Compartment Light Flood Lens

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FIREFLY brings ultra bright white LED light to all compartments that exceeds other fixtures. The LEDs are housed in a waterproof anodized case, built tough for all environments. FIREFLY is easy to install because it can be mounted in any orientation and on any flat surface.


  • Four (4) white, long life LEDs
  • UltraBright 650 lumens light output
  • Lights up entire compartment
  • Mounts in any orientation and on any flat surface
  • Can be used for ground or surface lighting
  • Low Current Draw - Remember That All That Amperage Adds Up!
  • Small & Compact (2-5/8" diameter, 7/8" thick)
  • Instantly on at full intensity
  • Completely sealed electronics, can be used for ground or surface lighting
  • 12 VDC - 0.8 amps, 24 VDC - 0.4 amps
  • More Reliable - LEDs last a long time.
  • Not a strip light - Mount the LED Light wherever you need it
  • Five year LED lighting warranty