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Interceptor Turnout Gear Combo Package

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Fire-Dex Firefighting Turnout Gear

Fire-Dex Interceptor Firefighting Turnout Gear Combo Package

Save hundreds of dollars when you bundle with the Fire-Dex Interceptor Turnout Gear package!

This package is designed to fit smaller departments' budgets and features PPE to combat both the #1 (Cancer) and #2 (Heat Stress and Cardiac Fatigue) causes of firefighting related deaths.

Includes: H41 Interceptor Hood, TECGEN 51 Level-3 Fatigues (3 color choices), and FXR Turnout Suit

Fire-Dex Interceptor Firefighting Hoods1.) H41 Interceptor Hood

Firefighters have been battling intense heat and physical stress for years. Recent studies have shown there is more to worry about then the flames in front of you. The H41 Interceptor Hood from Fire-Dex fights a hidden battle against the unforeseen enemy: carcinogens.

Take action with our particulate blocking hood, designed to reduce the absorption of carcinogens into the highly-permeable skin around your face and neck. Unique to our H41 Interceptor design, the barrier is offered throughout 100% of the hood, providing 360° protection.

Select from 2 of the most breathable options in today's market:

  1. The H41 Interceptor® made with DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex, offering PBI® protection for maximum performance
  2. The H41 Interceptor® made with Stedair® PREVENT featuring 99.9% particulate filtration efficiency- even after 100 washes

Fire-Dex Firefighting PPE2.) TECGEN 51 Level-3 Fatigues

Wearing structural gear on non-fire emergencies can cause unnecessary stress on your body and contribute to repeated exposure to potentially-harmful contaminants.

Try utilizing our lightweight, single-layer alternative on 90% of your calls, including MVAs, extrication and rescue. This dual-certified garment is designed to reduce heat stress and exposure to carcinogens.

With high levels of thermal protection and incredible breathability, TECGEN51 fatigues make a comfortable fit for every departments' needs.

Fatigue Color Choices: TAN / BLACK / NAVY

  • Reduce unnecessary stresses often associated with wearing multiple-layered structure gear
  • Preserve the life of your turnouts
  • Provide unmatched TPP, RPP and breathability
  • Limit exposure to contaminants that have adhered to your turnout gear
  • Reduce the spread of these contaminants from entering other scenes or the firehouse
  • Handle the toughest non-fire calls while your structural gear is out of service for cleaning or repair

Fire-Dex FXR Turnout Suit3.) FXR Turnout Suit

FXR turnouts are specifically designed to minimize firefighter stress and fatigue through Active Posture Design™, allowing for full range of motion - especially while wearing your SCBA!

Fire isn't the only threat firefighters face. Why should heat stress reduction be a concern?

  • Heat stress contributes to heat stroke, cardiac fatigue & cardiovascular failure
  • Firefighters are exposed to heat stress far more than the general public
  • Heat stress is attributed to over 50% of LODDs

TECGEN71 is a structural firefighting outer shell that is designed to lessen heat stress.

  • The only shell that can be paired with the lightest thermal liners & moisture barriers
  • Designed to lessen heat stress by reducing weight & increasing flexibility
  • Engineered with the proven durability of DuPont™, Kevlar® & Nomex®

FXR Turnout Color Choices: GOLD / BLACK